Food processing requires a wide selection of weighing platforms needed for production. Ranging from grain and vegetable weighing to end processing, Cardinal Scale weighing tools provide accuracy to any area of food production. For sanitary environments, Cardinal Scale produces IP69K-rated washdown applications to meet the most stringent of requirements.

For mass commodity weighing, Cardinal Scale’s truck scales will handle the job. Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR Digital Truck Scales offer a diverse line of optimal truck scale longevity and continued accuracy. ARMOR Digital Truck Scales provide industry-leading capacities and CLCs with state-of-the-art axis Friction-less Centering Load Cell stands to greatly decrease wear and tear from heavy vehicle weighing.

To maximize food processing, Cardinal Scale’s CIM In-Motion Checkweigher increase food production and efficiency. With belt speeds up to 120ft per minute, the CIM provides fast, efficient checkweighing that is senor activated. The in-motion checking application continuously sorts products as they pass two photo eyes that start and stop recording of weight samples. Based on presets for three zones, the indicator will activate the digital output for the appropriate zone indication.

For wash down weighing, Cardinal Scale’s Admiral Bench Scales provide a solution. The Admiral is specially designed with IP69K washdown capabilities for the weighing platform and the indicator. The 190 indicator has a backlit display for Over/Under functionality, and the capacitive touch keys are built to withstand sharp implement gouging found in food processing.

Cardinal Scale’s EB Series Bench Scales are broad enough to cover a variety of weighing environments while resisting high-heat washdowns. The EB’s stainless steel construction is perfect for larger bulk items and available in a variety of capacities and indicators. This versatile series is perfect for many foodservice operations.

With an answer for seemingly any foodservice problem, Cardinal Scale provides food processing solutions for essentially any operation.