For those wishing to monitor their weight at home, Detecto has several options for home healthcare scales. These economical product lines provide robust, accurate weighing in mechanical and digital selections.

Detecto’s Bathroom Scales are a cost-effective option that take up little space. Their robust design will last a lifetime and can be used in a variety of environments. These reliable scales are compact and feature easy-to-read dials.

Portable options include the SlimTalk and SlimPro. Featuring 400lb and 550lb maximum capacities, the SlimTalk and SlimTalkXL can audibly provide a bilingual weight readout—a perfect scale for the elderly, obese, and those with vision problems. The SlimPro’s incredibly thin, durable platform features a carrying handle for easy transport and a non-skid rubber mat for extra safety.

For home healthcare scales essential for home care nurses and mobile clinics, Detecto’s DR Series does the job. The DR400-750 can calculate BMI and can transmit data through its EMR/EHR ready indicator. The DR550C and DR660 feature spacious platforms and high weight capacities for bariatric patients when a portable choice is needed.