Detecto Scale’s multidimensional, innovative product lines deliver many solutions to hospital and healthcare facilities. Patient comfort and accessibility are of paramount importance for patients, and Detecto delivers world-class results.

Detecto’s Weigh-Beam and Digital Eye-Level Physician Scales provide sound, low-profile weighing. apex and Icon model Digital Physician Scales can digitally transmit patient data to EMR/EHR platforms quickly and efficiently. The Sonaris Touchless stadiometer can produce accurate results with minimal contact, lending itself as a great instrument in a sterile environment.

Detecto’s Digital Bariatric line pairs patient comfort with maximum stability. Handrails and a seating option offer the non-ambulatory patient extra piece of mind when stepping on the platform. Patients in wheelchairs will have the option of utilizing Detecto’s Stationary and Portable scales with low-profile ramps for easy access. Detecto’s Chair Scales provide yet another comfortable possibility for patients who need to be seated during measurement taking.

For bed-bound patients, Detecto’s top-of-the-line In-Bed Scales deliver easy transport and support at an economical price. For neonatal weighing, Detecto’s comfortable and safe Baby Scale line provides seated and lying options that are easy to use and clean.

No matter the patient needs Detecto has a scale for every situation.