Cardinal Scale’s CIM series in-motion checkweigher offers a unique answer for in-motion weighing that will benefit any industrial and manufacturing production line. The CIM can greatly enhance quality control, part productivity, improve throughput, and reduce costly labor when weighing products quickly and efficiently on a conveyor-fed production line. This welcome addition to any conveyor line accurately detects products entering and exiting the conveyor scale, can classify products according to weight or mode, and can be easily customized according to hardware and software needs. Accumulators set through the Cardinal Scale weight indicator can keep track of product weights and counts, reset the counters if another product is selected, or keep an accurate product database for product reporting. If additional options are needed for quality control, a tower light with a buzzer can be attached, or rejector arms can be added to direct products that don’t meet preset weights off of the conveyor. Cardinal Scale’s in-motion checkweighers are perfect to weigh packages, parts, and food products in high volumes with speed and accuracy.

CIM Series

Cardinal Scale’s CIM Series Continuous In-Motion Checkweighers keep production lines humming, reducing labor costs, and providing accurate weights of each package to .05 lb increments. The CIM series features standard anti-static polyester fabric or optional food-grade conveyor belts with 1/2 horsepower AC motor fixed speeds of up to 120 ft/37 m per minute. The CIM series is available in 100 lb x .05 lb or 200 lb x .1 lb capacities, two different sizes, and two different types of indicators. The CIM series features enter and exit photo eyes, weight or zone classification modes, weight output to printer, simple setup and product changeover, average weight sampling, and they are height adjustable ±2 inches. Options include five-zone checking, variable speed controller, tower light with buzzer, alternate motor, and rejectors (takeaway arms to direct “off” weights to a separate area).