Laundry scales are a vital instrument in a variety of industries. Most healthcare and clothing industries require the need for a strong, accurate scale platform that can withstand repeated use of heavy clothing containers.

Detecto Scale produces industry-leading stainless-steel splash proof bench scales and heavy-duty floor scales. These robust scales can take repeated exposure to heavy industrial clothes containers and linen weighing. Moreover, the EB series’ stainless-steel construction is resistant to moisture and are very easy to clean. Cardinal Scale/Detecto’s floor scales feature baked-on polyester paint to repel water and cleaning agents.

Detecto’s EH, RuggedWeigh, and FloorHugger floor scales all feature checkered deck platforms. Their high-quality load cells provide the most accurate and sensitive weighing despite heavy and repetitive weighing loads. They also feature low-profile decks for easy movement of heavy, awkward clothing and linen containers.

Cardinal Scale/Detecto’s medium and large base EB bench scales are designed for top performance and long-term accuracy. The simple frame and bridge design feature a lift-off platform that can be easily dried and cleaned. Cardinal Scale has multiple compatible indicators that are easy to use, with some being capable of piece count and checkweighing.

Whatever the laundering need, Cardinal Scale/Detecto has a complete line of bench and floor scales to service laundromats and bulk clothing weighing services.