Manufacturers have found a partner in Cardinal Scale. Featuring a vast array of high-quality scales, Cardinal Scale manufactures equipment capable of performing nearly any industrial weighing task. Cardinal Scale provides the best in counting scales, bench scales, and floor scales to streamline and expedite any manufacturing practice.

Starting with the smallest parts, Cardinal Scale’s C Series Portable Electronic Counting Scales not only weigh, but provide parts count accumulation. This amazing piece of equipment can precisely count any amount of small parts at a blinding pace.

For material handling, shipping and receiving, and logistics, Cardinal Scale’s EB Series Digital Bench Scales and 4500 Series Mechanical Bench Scales provide the solid steel construction and precision needed for manufacturing process reliability and convenience. For added convenience, Cardinal Scale’s Bench Scale Carts can provide mobility when weighing on the move is needed. For pharmaceutical grade weighing and food processing, the Admiral Series CA-190 can withstand water and material build-up from dirty manufacturing tasks, including the wash down.

To weigh very large and bulk material items, Cardinal Scale’s panoply of floor scales can adapt to any circumstance. From the lighter capacity Enforcer and medium capacity Rugged Weigh and FloorHugger, all the way to 20,000 lb GroundForce platforms, these assorted and rugged decks can be used in almost any environment. Cardinal Scale’s Guardian Hydraulic and Lift-Top Checkered scales are ideal for sanitary manufacturing situations when persistent cleaning is necessary.

Cardinal Scale recognizes the need for creating scales that will sustain under high-demand processes. Cardinal Scale will continue to offer world-class functionality, stability, and variety for any manufacturer’s success.