DETECTO’s Patient Lift Scales bring a novel answer for suspended weighing of a patient from a portable lift mechanism. Patient lift scales are perfect for use in hospitals, hospice, and assisted-living environments. These compact, simple scales suspend between a solid implement and an implement holding the patient. The setup and operation of the scale is very simple. Patient lift scales only feature a few buttons, so the learning curve takes no time at all. Patient lift scales have a lock-in feature that stores the last reading when the unit is turned off. DETECTO features a 400 lb and 600 lb maximum capacity depending on the healthcare professional’s needs. The battery-powered indicator can lock-in the patient’s weight for reading so the doctors and nurses can carefully maneuver patients during this delicate process.

PL Series

Detecto’s Patient Lift Scale weighs a person suspended from a portable patient lift mechanism. It operates on only one (1) 9V battery (not included) with an automatic shut-off feature. The scale also has a membrane keypad with only three (3) keys: ON/ZERO, OFF and LB/KG and features 0.75 in (19 mm) high readouts. It’s so easy to setup and operate; the procedure is quickly learned. The lock-in weight feature stores the last reading when the unit is turned off. 400 and 600 lb (180 and 270 kg) capacities available. Supplied with two spring “O” rings.