Strength and durable design are a must when it comes to scales needed for the recycling industry. From the strongest rail and truck scales in the business, to rugged floor scales and highly accurate and efficient indicators and vehicle data software, Cardinal Scale gives the most effective solutions to those involved in the scrap and recycling operations.

Buying and selling recycled material is essentially tied to a robust and accurate scale system. Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR Digital Truck Scales have the structural deck strength and state-of-the-art axis Ball-Mount Frictionless Centering System needed to withstand the wear and tear of the heavy metal and scrap recycling yards. Legal for Trade, available in concrete or steel, and maxing out at around 240 ft long, Armor Truck Scales truly are the answer to the heavy punishment from such an unforgiving environment.

Cardinal Scale’s LPRA, Guardian Hydraulic, and RSCA provide the greatest range of versatility when dealing with the restraints of scrap and recycling yards. The LPRA and Guardian are above-ground, rugged weighbridges that provide either electronic or hydraulic options, and short approaches, saving money and time on concrete work. The RSCA’s electronic and hydraulic options feature a 270 ton maximum capacity and an exceptionally long scale life due to extreme heavy-duty steel weighbridges.

The myriad of Cardinal Scale weight indicators, remote displays, and data exchange software provide improved speed and accuracy by minimizing drivers’ time outside of the cab, improving their chances to stay safe and spend less time at the weighing terminal. State-of-the art programming yields the most accurate indicators and efficient data systems like the WINVRS and WinDDE.

Strength is mandatory in the scrap and recycling world. Cardinal Scale can provide the strongest, most accurate truck and rail applications on the market, keeping the savings in your pocket.