Cardinal Scale’s remote displays offers a great variety of easily viewable displays for ease of use and clarity when viewing product weight from across a distance. Cardinal Scale’s remote displays are developed with the highest quality stainless steel and baked-on epoxy painted enclosures, bright digital displays capable of being set to your visibility level, viewing distance varying from 150 to 250 feet, and models with programmable characters to easily direct traffic and present vital weight information to truck drivers. Cardinal Scale’s remote displays come with singular weight displays, and a model that features multiple displays to transmit multiple lines of information. Cardinal Scale’s RD2, RD3, SB250 and RD2X4 all feature large 2-inch letters and numbers for clear and bright digit viewing. The SB600 features 6-inch digits that allow for viewing up to 250 feet—almost the length of a regulation football field! Cardinal Scale’s remote displays come in a variety of mounts and are easy to affix in the requisite viewing environment.

SB250 – 2.6-in LED

Cardinal’s SB250, with its 2.6-inch/66 mm high-intensity LED display capable of displaying 5 x 7 alphanumeric upper and lowercase characters, is enclosed in a mild steel outdoor enclosure with rain guard. Features include a 200-foot, wide-angle viewing range, bi-directional RS232 serial port, brightness control, low power circuitry, mounting tabs and annunciators of lb, kg, T, t, G and N. The interface can autolearn most serial protocols. One custom protocol can be entered into the unit. The interface is configurable for serial data input, and also has the connectivity options of fiber optic and ethernet.

SB550 5-in LED

Cardinal Scale’s SB550 remote display is excellent for weight data visibility in outdoor applications and from distances. The SB550 features large 5 in/13 cm high dual-row LED digits for easy viewing, includes four mounting flanges for easy installation, senses ambient light levels from total darkness to direct sunlight, and offers high visibility with a 250 ft/75 m viewing range making it ideal for use with truck scales. The powder-painted steel, weatherproof IP65-rated enclosure has a rain/sun hood for added visibility benefits. The SB550 is compatible with all current and legacy Cardinal Scale indicators and most indicators from other manufacturers. It can be configured for either RS232 or RS485 with baud rate selectable from 1200 to 115.2k (20mA current loop is limited to 9600 bps).

SB600 6-in LED

Cardinal Scale’s model SB600 remote display features a high-visibility, full-color graphics display with double-row LEDs in large 6-inch/15.25-cm high characters. The durable IP65-rated stainless steel enclosure is weatherproof for use in a wide variety of environments. The SB600 offers 1,280 RGB high-intensity LEDs for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions and integrated 6-inch/15.25-cm high red/green traffic light standard for directing vehicles on and off the scale. Multiple scales plus total weight readouts can all be displayed simultaneously. The SB600 can plug and play with virtually any weight indicator and it offers optional SnapStream wireless connectivity with Cardinal weight indicators. The onboard intensity light sensor automatically adjusts to ambient light with 10 levels of brightness.

RD2 – 2.25-in LED

The RD2 has a rugged IP66 stainless steel enclosure that offers protection from water and dust inherent in industrial environments and a 2.25-inch/57 mm high, 6-digit, 7-segment LED display with 10 levels of brightness that makes measurements highly visible for easy viewing up to 150 feet. A bi-directional RS232 serial port, versatile mounting bracket, and compact overall size round out the remaining features for this remote display that is ideal for mid-range weight viewing applications.

RD3 – 2-in LCD

With a tough polycarbonate shell and 2-inch/50 mm high back-lit LCD display, the RD3 offers optimum visibility across a broad range of weighing applications and suited well for outdoor conditions. A serial port configurable with auto-detection and multiple display ability, the RD3 is one of Cardinal’s most economical remote display offered.

RD2X4 Quad Display

Cardinal Scale’s RD2X4 quad remote display provides readouts for multi-platform truck scales visible up to 150 feet away. The RD2X4’s high-intensity LED display offers bright-red 2.25-inch-high digits that are easily visible even in direct sunlight. Ten brightness level settings let you select the exact intensity for the best visibility in your environment. This display is designed for truck weighing systems where the steering axle, drive axle, trailer axle, and total weight are shown to the truck driver. The IP66-rated mild steel cabinet features a rain hood and is painted industrial tan for long-lasting outdoor use. The cabinet comes with a post mount designed for 4-inch pipe (approx. 4.5-in OD). The RD2X4 quad scoreboard has the capability to interface to RS-232 or 20mA current loop. The remote display’s Auto Learn mode adapts to the data output from your indicator for plug-and-play operation.